While Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan, we maintain a strong Kiwi perspective. Our focus is on the particular needs of New Zealand motorists and the effects we all have on our naturally diverse and beautiful country.

We operate out of Todd Park in Porirua, Wellington, with a staff of 68. Close by is our facility for recycling used vehicle parts, which plays a major part in our sustainability policy.

Outside our walls, we have a strong commitment to achieving a cleaner vehicle fleet for New Zealand and the environmental benefits that go with it. Here are two areas we’re involved in:

The New Zealand Motor Industry Initiative

The New Zealand Government is working towards achieving, by 2015, a sales-weighted average CO2 emissions target of 170g/km for all new vehicles sold in New Zealand.

This will be achieved progressively, as smaller cars are sold increasingly and new more fuel-efficient vehicles are introduced. We already have many small vehicles with excellent emission figures.