More economy, less environmental impact.

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Previous model Outlander shown. Toffee colour no longer available.

More efficient than ever

Outlander's reputation for economy takes a real boost in the new models, with improvements across the range. The new 2.4 litre petrol engine is 19.3% more efficient, while the 2.0 litre engine is 13.2% more efficient than its predecessor. Then, there is the all-new diesel engine on VR and VRX models, which offers remarkable economy. These savings are achieved through the integrated application of aerodynamics above and below the vehicle, Smart MIVEC technology in petrol models, reduced weight and the Eco Drive Support System: a new technology that promotes economical driving. The end result is the best fuel economy in an SUV with seven seats, as well as lower emissions.

Smart MIVEC Petrol Engines

Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control, or MIVEC, is one of our many innovations born from our long racing heritage. It draws air smoothly into the cylinders in a way that minimises loss of energy. Of course, you're not going to take new Outlander onto a racetrack. But on the road, MIVEC increases efficiency. That means better economy- up to 20% better than the previous model. Just look at the numbers. 

Diesel Engine

For the first time, Outlander is now available with a 2.2 L Diesel engine option. It's one very advanced diesel engine too. On the technical side, low compression ratios optimize fuel economy and reduce emissions. On the practical side, this means the perfect balance between performance with a full load, economy, emissions and noise reductions. Naturally, it's Euro 5-compliant.

Aerodynamic across every surface

Thanks to smart design and testing, the eye moves as easily across the bodywork as the oncoming air. The coefficient of drag is just 0.33.

Airflow The bumper, roof and underside allow air to pass over smoothly. The rear end avoids turbulence- a major source of drag.

Lighter body, higher efficiency

High-tensile steel plates throughout the body, combined with lighter suspension and brakes save 100kg. This makes the body even safer.

Eco Mode Control

Eco Mode makes the transmission shift up sooner and down later, while reducing the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal. 

Efficiency throughout The engine, air conditioning and 4 wheel drive system are monitored and optimised to save fuel wherever possible. 

Eco Drive Assist

Eco Drive Assist

Eco Score

Eco Score


Eco Drive Support System Display

The driver is presented with two displays, which give real-time feedback on how efficient the driving style is, or could be.

Eco Drive Assist shows the current status of how economically you are driving. This is shown in a simple bar graph.

Eco Score uses information from Eco Drive Assist to rate and help you improve your environmentally-friendly driving skills. This appears as a plant with five leaves. As your driving becomes more efficient, you'll see more leaves light up (XLS, VRX).

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