i-MiEV Sport

We’ve already launched
i-MiEV, the all-electric car.
The more time we spent developing it, the more opportunities we saw for a performance-oriented version.

i-MiEV Sport

You might not automatically associate electric cars with performance. However, the engine and battery system we’ve developed deliver high amounts of torque and smooth power, ideal for a sports version. And so we unveiled the i-MiEV Sport at the Tokyo Motor Show. Each front wheel has an electric motor, with one motor driving both back wheels. Future developments may include auxiliary solar panels and wind turbines to make the most of natural energy resources plus wireless charging is also on the to-do list.


Concept-cX is a compact SUV for on-road use. Its 1.8-litre high-output diesel engine links to the highly efficient new Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST), and uses Outlander-style integrated vehicle dynamics. Green Plastic is used wherever possible for interior components.


This is Mitsubishi's ultimate tourer concept, a premium sedan incorporating the newly developed, fuel-efficient, 2.2-litre diesel engine. The principle behind this vehicle is driveability and exceptional safety. Its array of passenger protection features include a radar-guided pre-crash safety system, lane-drift warning system, multi-monitors, parking assistance and a pop-up hood to minimise injury to pedestrians.


At the 2008 Detroit Motor Show the Concept-RA demonstrated Mitsubishi’s dedication to tackling emissions, without compromising on driving pleasure. We were very proud to unveil a vehicle that delivered both – in spades.

This sporty, dynamic coupe packs a low-emission 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine, producing over 150kW and 420Nm. Its diesel oxidation, NOx trap catalysts and particulate filter technologies combine to significantly reduce emissions. And it’s a blast to drive.