i-MiEV. All-electric, ready to drive now.

The concept of an electric car is not new. Many manufacturers have tried and some have even released road-going versions. But they’ve been somewhat short-lived and a workable formula has been hard to crack.

The problem is that conventional cars do such a good job of ferrying us around and spoiling us with a raft of conveniences and comforts, it’s what we’ve come to expect. It’s where previous attempts have fallen short.

With this in mind, we set about designing the i-MiEV. We pioneered a new type of Lithium Ion battery that would deliver more power, for longer. On the road, this equates to a range of around 150km. The average daily commute is 34km, well within i-MiEV’s capability.

Motorway driving needed to be possible as well, so i-MiEV’s top speed is 130km/h, certainly more than you’ll need. Just an eight-hour charge from a household 15 amp socket and i-MiEV is ‘full’ and good to go.

We also don’t believe that embracing smarter technology should mean sacrificing comfort, safety or drivability.

Inside, i-MiEV brings you all the features you’d expect in a new, modern car. It gives you the peace of mind of a 4-star safety rating, thanks to airbags, strong construction and good handling. We even put the batteries under the floor for a lower centre of gravity and better stability. On the open road, or around town, i-MiEV is nimble and surprisingly quick off the mark. And it’s superbly quiet. There’s a lot more to discover, just head over to our i-MiEV page.