Wellington Free Ambulance

Wellington Free Ambulance is New Zealand’s only metropolitan ambulance service that’s free. Mitsubishi Motors is helping to keep it that way.

With a team of 120 full timers and over 50 volunteers on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, this service travels over a million kilometres a year to help around 40,000 people – that’s about 110 a day.

Supporting them in their work are two high-visibility Mitsubishi Pajeros, a Lancer wagon and a Triton ute.

The Pajeros give WFA incident controllers transport that can access almost any site in the region. They’re not ambulances, but carry additional support equipment for front-line crews. The Lancer wagon operates in the WFA home alarm service, while the Triton is used as a service vehicle for the ambulance fleet.

For more information about Wellington Free Ambulance and their great work, visit www.wellingtonfreeambulance.org.nz/