2012 Triton still tough as nails, and even safer

In its 2012 models, just becoming available, the Porirua-based three-diamonds importer is ramping up this facet of its reputation still further with new features that quietly, unobtrusively get on with the job of making driving even safer.

Take the 14-model 2012 Triton range.

For starters, there’s the new electronic SmartBrake system. If you hadn’t heard of it till now, well, neither had we, but it’s on every 2012 Triton. You might never need it, says Mitsubishi, but it’s there just in case. Stamp on your brakes in an emergency and there’s a chance that, panic-stricken, you might plant your foot on the accelerator too. SmartBrake spots the error and stops you safely.

Then, virtually every 2012-model Triton makes safe cellphone use easy via the Bluetooth hands-free system (USB connectivity too, so you can plug in your mp3 player or a music-loaded usb stick).

While quietly beavering away on improvements like these, Mitsubishi’s engineers have also come up with a new Triton that promises to be one of its most popular yet. It’s the double cab 2WD GLS Sport auto, cousin of its well-regarded 4WD equivalent: same high power 133kW engine with 3-tonne braked towing, same high spec features such as sport seats, fog lamps, privacy glass, electric centre rear window, side steps, cruise control, auto air, 16” alloys.

The 2012 Tritons, distinguished by flared guards and wide wheels on most models, start at $34,790 (2WD) and $44,190 (4WD).

Mitsubishi’s head of sales and marketing strategy, Daniel Cook, says: “Owners keep telling us Triton’s tough as nails, and its big tray wins fresh friends every week”.

•    You’ll find SmartBrake and Bluetooth in all 2012-model Lancer, ASX, Outlander, Challenger and Pajero, too.