City-slick electric Outlander goes jungle and scoops class win at Phnom Penh

If you think Mitsubishi’s latest electric vehicle is likely to be very much at home in the city you’d be right.

And also wrong!

A rally-prepped Outlander plug-in hybrid SUV has just spent a week racing on almost 2,000 kilometres of rugged tracks through Thai and Cambodian jungles at an average speed of 103 km/h. With scarcely a city street to be seen.

For the second year in a row the PHEV won the electric class in the gruelling FIA-certified Asia Cross Country Rally, held August 9-15. It placed 14th overall (of 58 starters) and in the final flat-terrain leg at Phnom Penh clocked a stunning 2nd overall.

Mitsubishi’s head of sales and marketing strategy Daniel Cook commented: “The petrol/diesel Outlander won its stripes as the civilised SUV that goes anywhere. Likewise the PHEV. While the rally car was competition-tuned and fitted with a roll cage, underbody skid plate, even a snorkel for river crossings - it raced with virtually the same powertrain and mechanical parts as the standard production version.

 “In the dealer showroom this car looks deceptively mild-mannered. Yet, at the flick of the 4WD switch, it’s ready to drive straight off High Street and show its true colours in the tough stuff”.

  • The Outlander PHEV is powered by two 60kW electric motors, each driving one axle, and a multi-purpose 2-litre MIVEC engine that turns the wheels and/or generates electricity as required. The whole combination works with Mitsubishi’s (S-AWC) Super All Wheel Control to give exceptional 4WD capability and unprecedented 1.9 litre/100km economy.

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