First plug-in hybrid EV listed in Government vehicle purchase catalogue

Mitsubishi’s ground-breaking Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid is the first and only one of its type to be represented in the Government’s catalogue of vehicles approved for its agencies’ consideration.

In announcing the structure of the next five-year ‘All-of-Government’ vehicle purchasing contract, designed to help more than 250 Government agencies make effective dollar-saving and emissions-reducing purchase decisions, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said the contract was future-proofed to accommodate hybrids and electric vehicles as demand develops.

 “Of three hybrids now listed by AoG only the Outlander is a ‘plug-in’ vehicle, which most of the time drives on low-cost electricity, recharging its batteries from the grid when stationary and, when necessary, from its petrol engine”, said Mitsubishi’s fleet sales manager Tony Johnston.

“The car’s range per tank is typically a thousand kilometres or more, so it’s eminently suitable for intercity driving as well as urban use, with relatively little use of carbon-sourced fuel. The one I drive sees a petrol station once a month at most”.

The purpose of the All-of-Government purchasing exercise, says Tony, is to review submissions for data on safety, environmental impact, fitness for purpose, warranty and, crucially, total cost of ownership (TCO) over five years/100,000 kilometres.

“TCO isn’t something the average motorist worries about overmuch, but when you’re managing a big fleet it’s a very big part of the decision-making process: and in the case of the public sector we’re talking a very large fleet, with potentially millions of dollars to be saved”.

The latest AoG catalogue includes five Mitsubishi model types and 15 specification choices: from the 1.2 litre Mirage, through Lancer and ASX to four Outlander options and seven variations of the 5-star safety rated Triton.