Geneva launch to kick-start new generation of global vehicles

For the first time, Mitsubishi will launch a new global vehicle in the heart of the demanding European market.

The Geneva Motor Show, opening on 8 March, will see the world premiere of what Mitsubishi describes as “a strategic and innovative premium vehicle” and motoring writers are widely tipping as the next generation Outlander.

Mitsubishi says the car, to be retailed sequentially across many countries during 2012, will mark the start of its complete new generation of global vehicles, whose design will reflect a gradual transformation towards a “refined but assertive” engineering-driven look. This, it says, will be a clear expression of  the brand’s high technology traditions and the far-reaching ambitions - embracing  the latest electric and hybrid propulsion breakthroughs - published in Mitsubishi’s plan for a greener and more global Mitsubishi.