iMiEV could power a home if disaster strikes

Mitsubishi will bring to market in April a device that - in the event of a natural disaster or a power outage - enables an i-MiEV electric car owner in Japan to power domestic appliances or light the house from its 16kW hour drive battery.

The briefcase-sized “MiEV power BOX” adapter plugs into the car’s quick-charging connector and can supply up to 1.5kW of AC power for five to six hours, equivalent to a typical Japanese home’s daily consumption.

Much attention is being focussed in Japan on the storage capabilities of high capacity EV batteries as an emergency power source. The MiEV power BOX is an example of how Mitsubishi is pushing forward its R & D into EV-related technologies and the near-future prospect of "smart grids", which will allow more effective use of electrical power.