On Call

Sienna, Hayley, Fiona, Mike, Jessie and Michael of Mitsubishi’s Porirua based customer care centre share 180,000 conversations a year with
customers. They may help you with a query, check how your new Mitsubishi is working out, follow up after a service, organise a test drive. But did you know that friendly voice could belong to a Wheel of Fortune winner, a darts supremo or a house music buff? Meet the team at 0800 54 53 52.

1. Mike Bodley

Mike and his partner Samara Sergeant have a daughter called Cejay, who is 3. Cejay loves slides and swings, playing on her trampoline and, much to Mike’s dismay, she adores the music of pop songstress Katy Perry. Mike’s more of a house music fan and he enjoys mixing tracks on his computer in the evenings. When Mike was six years old, he won a family trip to Honolulu through a radio station competition. In 2008, he was recognised with an individual award in the national contact centre industry awards.

2. Sieanna Iafeta
Sieanna grew up in Porirua and enjoys the support of a large extended family around her. She spends her spare time with her children Raven, 7, and Timara, 15 months. On weekends, they often hit the parks or public swimming pools. Sieanna loves to cook, and her favourite dish is smoked chicken and bacon carbonara. Sienna once starred on Wheel of Fortune, winning $2000 on her first appearance but failing to hold her spot as the champion on the second night. She says it was a fantastic experience.

3. Hayley White
Hayley has a son called Jerome, 4. “I was a stayat-home mum before this so, when I’m not at work, I try to soak up as much Jerome time as possible.” Hayley loves to sketch, write poetry and short stories, and read “trashy girl fiction”. She once won a barista award even though she drinks a mocha, a coffee and chocolate blend which is much-derided in serious hospitality circles. Hayley says she enjoys talking to
customers. “We often have a good laugh, and when there a situation I can help with, that’s always satisfying.”

4. Fiona Forsdyke
Fiona’s partner Dave Drummond is a mechanic in the Super Trucks Series and she gets to the circuits as often as she can. Fiona and Dave have four children between them, from previous relationships, and they love the weekends when all four children are in the house together. Fiona and her friends play darts at each others’ homes – she says their supposedly-social games are ultra-competitive. She says the contact centre is her natural home. “I think I was born to be in a call centre. I just like chatting with people and helping them.”

5. Jessie Whelan
The newest member of the call centre team is Jessie. Jessie’s originally from from Taranaki, so spends many weekends travelling around the lower North Island catching up with family and friends. When she’s home, Jessie enjoys the company of her partner David Phipps and their long-haired Birman kitten Gary. The kitten has a pineapple-shaped pet bed and loves toy mice. Jessie is a devoted Shortland Street fan with 10 years of dedicated viewing behind her. She also sponsors an eight-year-old boy in India called Raunesh.

Michael Parker
Michael is happiest when he’s making a colossal racket. Michael has two sets of drums – one acoustic, one electric – and when the house is empty, he lets rip. Michael, who started with Mitsubishi just as this edition went to print, has a commerce and administration degree. In his last job, he got up at 4.50am to load trucks. He’s enjoying a leisurely 7am wake-up call these days as the Mitsubishi call centre is handy to his family’s Porirua home.