On debut, Mitsubishi’s electric Outlander ‘redefines’ NZ’s most popular vehicle class

In its debut year, Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV electric SUV has picked up two coveted motoring awards: ‘Green Car of the Year’ from the National Business Review, and ‘Best Medium SUV’ from NZ Company Vehicle magazine.

Go-anywhere mid-size SUVs are consistently New Zealand’s most popular vehicles. The respected Company Vehicle publication, after fully road-testing all eleven SUVs competing in this class in 2014, had no hesitation in marking the newcomer top of its list.

The business-oriented magazine says the Outlander “redefines” the vehicle segment with “a clever execution that gets rid of the fear of running out of battery power, while offering the ability to use cheap electricity to offset imported petroleum-based fuel. At the same time, it’s the right size for most people, and can tow a boat, even launch and retrieve it”.

The magazine says the vehicle is “quick, and easy to drive, with lots of power for overtaking, and  ride and handling are excellent”. There was praise, too, for the vehicle’s quietness. “There’s something really special about travelling with no noise from the engine”.

‘Mainstream price, cutting edge electric-powertrain technology’

In making its ‘Green Car of the Year’ award leading business publication  National Business Review says: “The electric Outlander is a groundbreaking machine that for a mainstream price offers cutting-edge electric-powertrain technology and zero on-road emissions potential for commuters.”

“Even more remarkable’, says NBR,” is that the package is delivered in a way that requires no special driving skill and entails no compromise to its role as a five-seat sport utility vehicle with range and cabin space similar to other Outlanders. It is a landmark model for the New Zealand car market”.

Mitsubishi’s head of sales and marketing strategy Daniel Cook said: “These awards have topped off a year in which, in just nine months in the market, the Outlander PHEV has gained strong momentum and brought a totally new motoring experience to owners right across metro and rural  New Zealand.

 “This remarkable SUV has hit the right spot, for all the reasons quoted by the award judges: over 200 have been sold, and one in eight customers is now choosing the PHEV version”.

Recommended retail prices:
XLS $59,900, VRX $66,900 plus on road costs.