Smart grid concept nears reality

The “smart grid” concept - large-scale use of rechargeable batteries to avoid costly peak-demand electricity - has come a step nearer reality.

Mitsubishi Motors is collaborating with sister businesses Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Corporation in a project demonstrating the benefits of “load shifting”: recharging the batteries of electric vehicles (EVs) at night when demand is low, storing power produced from renewable sources in rechargeable batteries, and supplying power back to the grid when factories and offices face peak demand.

The demonstration project consists of a photovoltaic system collecting 20 kW of solar energy, five electrically-dischargeable EVs and 80 kWh of used rechargeable batteries collected from EVs. The project, installed at the offices of Mitsubishi’s Nagoya vehicle plant, will provide up to 50 kW of power.

The three companies will work together to apply the knowledge obtained from the project, with the goal of contributing towards a more sustainable society.