The balance of power and efficiency

The 2.4L DiD MIVEC engine brings you the best of both worlds. For towing, or tricky terrain, you have 135kW of power and 437Nm of torque at your disposal. To keep costs down for the everyday commute, you’ll enjoy 8.0L per 100km economy. Pajero Sport is able to do this thanks to the clever use of 4 cylinders and the many efficiency systems we’ve refined over years of building smarter engines.

8-speed transmission

The transmission system has been designed to improve performance, efficiency and to get the most from the traction systems. There are more gears, with cleverly spaced ratios between them delivering a smooth ride. In lower gears, the ratio is greater to enhance acceleration. In higher gears, the ratios are shallower to improve economy and reduce transmission noise.

Save fuel when standing still

The Idle Neutral Control reduces internal oil pressure to first gear when you’re stopped but the engine’s running. After all, there's no point using more fuel than you have to.

Efficiency matters

Building an SUV with big reserves of power is fairly straightforward. Making it efficient requires sophisticated engineering know-how. Despite its considerable engine output official test results achieved 8.0L/100km. It’s good for the planet and the pocket.

VRX model shown

VRX model shown

Tow with ease

There are many features that come into play to let you tow easily and safely. First, the engine’s power and torque which accommodates 3.1 tonnes, no problem (braked tow capacity). Quite importantly, so will the brakes. There’s also Trailer Stability Assist to make sure your load is always in line.

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