Safe and soundproof

Every model in the Outlander PHEV range carries advanced safety features, like Forward Collision Mitigation and Adapative Cruise Control. You're also protected by an array of traction and braking systems, airbags and a stiff body design. A 5-Star safety rating is easily earned.

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Adaptive Cruise Control

When the vehicle in front of you alters its speed, so does your cruise control. A radar matches Outlander's cruise control speed to whatever you're following with appropriate adjustments of brake of accelerator.

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Forward Collision Mitigation with pedestrian detection

Now standard across the range, radar is used to identify obstructions ahead and warn of a potential collision. If the risk remains, this system applies the brakes to mitigate a collision.

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The ultimate parking aid

The Multi Around View Monitor on VRX uses four cameras to give you a complete picture of what’s around you. Choose a specific angle or a bird’s eye view for the easiest park you’ve ever experienced.

Daytime running lights

For added safety and improved visibility, Outlander PHEV features daytime running lights. The headlights are now LED, which use less energy and increase the vehicle’s overall efficiency.

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Keeping you out of harm's way

An innovation to help keep you out of harm’s way is the mis-acceleration prevention system. While manoeuvring forwards or backwards, should the driver accidentally stamp on the gas pedal instead of the brake a device senses if there’s something in the way and instantly disables the throttle. VRX only.

It watches where you’re going

Lane Departure Warning on VRX is a very helpful safety system. The vehicle monitors the road markings and sounds an alarm if you unintentionally leave your lane. This feature is ideal for highways and long drives.

Advanced design and materials

An exceptionally quiet cabin thanks to 4mm soundproof glass and damping materials covering more area. Additional sound-absorbing and insulating materials in the engine compartment, wheel housing, and other areas also help cut back on noise.

* Overseas model shown.

Your blind spot is covered

Blind Spot Warning on VRX detects when a vehicle you might not be able to see is on either side of you. If you're indicating and there's another vehicle in the lane you want to join, a buzzer will sound and you'll see an illuminated symbol in the door mirror.

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