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Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Reducing our environmental footprint

Innovation is what motivates us; whether it’s enhancing safety, driving enjoyment, efficiency or environmental impact, which is becoming increasingly important.

In the pursuit of cleaner, smarter technology we were the first vehicle manufacturer to introduce production electric cars and plug-in hybrid SUVs to New Zealand.

This commitment to reduce our environmental footprint covers the full life cycle of our vehicles and their components. Our End-Of-Life Policies reduce emissions and harmful waste products. We operate a substantial dismantling facility at our Porirua base, where vehicles are stripped for recyclable and reusable components. Steel, aluminium, copper, plastic, glass, tyres, seats, catalytic convertors and electronics are all removed and processed for the next stage in their life cycle.

Removal, reuse and recycling

The 300-volt Lithium-Ion Battery Pack used in Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Eclipse PHEV and Outlander PHEV enable emission-free driving and vastly reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. To ensure these units continue to benefit the environment, they’re processed safely in accordance with our End-Of-Life Policy, producing the minimal amount of waste.

Safe removal is vital

Li-Ion battery packs store a very high, potentially fatal voltage; in excess of 300 Volts DC. We therefore strongly urge owners and third-party dismantlers to send all displaced battery packs and faulty, end-of-life or accident-damaged electric and hybrid vehicles (NZ new and used imports) to an official MMNZ dealer. Our technicians are trained to remove and process these battery packs safely, and to assess the next most suitable step. To help you get these components to us, we will cover transport costs from our dealers to MMNZ to ensure we are supplied with all displaced batteries and they are not left in the wider community or dismantlers’ yards.

We have a battery module repair facility at our dismantling warehouse in Porirua. Our technicians have the specialist equipment and knowledge to carry out repairs where it is economical to do so, such as replacing a contactor, buzz bar device, or an air-conditioning component, rather than a full battery pack. We assess all battery packs to determine whether they should be reused or recycled at an offshore facility in Belgium.