A better life cycle for our vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation recognises that the protection of the global environment is a priority for all humanity.

We’re fully committed to reducing the environmental impact at each stage of our vehicles’ life cycles. That begins at the drawing board, continues throughout production, its use by the customer and beyond its working life.

We also see the bigger picture when we conduct business and constantly work to shrink the environmental footprint left by all our activities from development, procurement, production, sales and aftersales servicing of vehicles.


We employ a ‘3R’ ethos - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is adopted at the earliest possible design stage to ensure our products will be manufactured with the fewest possible waste and emissions. At the end of their life, we ensure they’re as recyclable as they can be.


  • To promote resource conservation and recyclability.
  • To maintain a manufacturing waste by-product recycling rate of at least 98%. To maintain zero landfill waste at all manufacturing sites.
  • To reduce emissions of by-products such as scrap metal and waste casting sand.

To reduce use of water through efficient recycling.

This programme reflects the requirements of the 2005 Kyoto Protocol, of which New Zealand is a signatory, and other increasingly stringent regulations and legislation introduced in Japan, North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

In the words of our president…

"Driving pleasure, safety and environmental reponsibility – these are concepts we aim to build into our cars.

We will continue to fulfil our responsibility to the environment in a whole host of ways. Our initiatives will encompass not only the development and popularisation of environmentally friendly technologies but also the reduction of environmental impact in all our business activities."

Osamu Masuko, President Mitsubishi Motors Corporation