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Super Select 4WD

Triton is one of the few utes that can be driven in 4WD on tarseal. This gives you the maximum amount of grip and, of course, safety. Triton VRX 4WD only.

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Easy Select 4WD on Triton GLX

Like the Super Select 4WD system, Easy Select allows you to change traction modes on the move. The three settings give you ultimate economy from 2WD, right down to serious stump-pulling low range 4WD.

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All the grip you'll need

Wherever you get into your Triton, the R/D Lock button gets you out (GLX double cab and VRX 4WD only). It engages the Rear Diff Lock, which sends equal power to both back wheels, keeping them turning and, more importantly, gripping in even the slushiest conditions. 

Super Select has 4 modes

2H (2WD high range)

For regular road driving, this setting gives you power, solid handling and the best economy.

4H (full-time 4WD)

If the weather, or the road itself is not too flash, the ability to drive in high range 4WD is a serious safety boost. The new off-road mode gives you added grip and stability in rough conditions.

4HLC (4WD high range)

When you’re off-road, this setting distributes power to all four wheels equally.

4LLC (4WD Low Range with Locked Centre Differential)

When the track runs out, or disappears beneath the mud, this mode will make you glad you’re in a Triton. It sends all of Triton’s power and traction to the wheels. If you try this system and still want more climbing ability, might we suggest a helicopter.

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