Front Under Cover

Part No: MZ330739.

Hood Protector

Part Nos: Large type: MZ330747, Narrow clear type: MZ350502, Narrow tinted type: MZ350503.

Custom Carpet Mats

Part Nos: Double Cab (D/C): MZ330786, Club Cab (C/C): MZ330787, Single Cab S/C: MZ330788.

Custom Rubber Mats

Part Nos: Double Cab (D/C): MZ330777, Club Cab (C/C): MZ330778, Single Cab S/C: MZ330779. Dish type: Double Cab (D/C): MZ330783, Single Cab S/C: MZ330784.

Brand Scuff Plate

Part No: MZ330752.


Part Nos: Deep type: Double Cab (D/C): MZ330748, Club Cab (C/C): MZ330749, Single Cab S/C: MZ330750.

Deck Liner (over rail or under rail)

Part Nos: Over Rail: MZ330856TB, MZ330742TG, MZ330905MK. Under Rail: MZ330745TB, MZ330745TG, MZ330745MK.

17" Sports Alloy

Part No: MZ330736.

Nudge Bar

Part No: MZ350415.

Full Box

Part No: MZ330835-44.

Sports Bar + 2 Piece Hard Lid Combo

Part No: MZ330755/MZ330879-88.

Sports Bar

Part No: MZ330755.

1 Piece Hard Lid

Part No: MZ330869-78.

Tail Light Garnish

Part No: MZ330751.

Parking Sensors

Part No: MZ330803.

Side Door Garnish

Part No: MZ330737.

Side Step Decoration

Part No: MZ330845-54.

Seat Covers

Part Nos: FRONT Double Cab (D/C) & Club Cab (C/C): MZ350466. REAR Double Cab (D/C): MZ350467. FRONT Single Cab (S/C): MZ350468.

Soft Tonneau Covers

Part Nos: Double Cab (D/C): Without Sports Bar: MZ350510, With Sports Bar: MZ350509, Tie-Down System: MZ350462.

Tow Bar

Part Nos: MZ350439. Double Cab (D/C) & Club Cab (C/C) with hard suspension: MZ350448. Single Cab (S/C) with hard suspension: MZ350452.

All accessories shown on an overseas model.

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