The 2.4L MIVEC intercooled turbo diesel engine cranks out a massive 135kW of power and 437Nm of torque. This creates a hefty 3,100kg braked towing capacity and payload of 955kgs on 4WD VRX.

Many gearbox options

Just like the choice of body types and accessories, Triton’s gearbox options let you put together a vehicle for your exact needs. Triton offers a 6 speed manual and 5 speed automatic and is available with dial up 2WD/4WD range selector, sports mode and paddle shifts on selected models. The sports mode setting enables the automatic to function like a manual, but without a clutch. This makes for near-instant gear changes, great on slippery surfaces.


Incredible economy

Thanks to the new engine and body, all-new Triton has outstanding fuel economy of 7.1 to 7.6L per 100km across the range.

Fuel economy figures are official results based on test regime ADR81/02.


Triton has been designed to be extremely aerodynamic. The improved new body has the lowest drag coefficient in its class. This means better fuel efficiency and less wind noise, so it’s much quieter at high speeds.

RISE body design

Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body design, or RISE, makes Triton stiff and, therefore, safer in a collision. It means that the cabin area keeps its shape, while energy of the impact is transferred away. A stiff chassis also makes for better driving and handling of large loads.

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