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Triton towing

Boldly tow

Triton has always been built to tow easily and safely. Now, enhanced stability, strength and technology let you tow even more.

Triton 4WD Double Cab models have a strengthened chassis, Trailer Stability Assist and Super Select 4WD (on selected models); 3 key features that put it ahead of the pack and let you tow 3.5 tonnes* anywhere you need to with a 3-axle braked trailer.



Start with the right trailer

Different trailers suit different jobs. They also have different weight capacities. Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand want you to tow in safety, using the right trailer for your needs, 3-axle trailers provide:
  • Better stability. A 3-axle trailer provides a more stable experience with more rubber and grip on the road.
  • Stronger braking. Extra brakes provides you with more confidence, especially with large, heavy loads.
  • More even weight distribution. The weight is distributed across a wider area with 3-axles, minimising load transfer to the towing vehicle.


*3.5 tonnes is only possible with a 3 axle braked trailer, towball vertical load of no greater than 4% and an approved MMNZ towbar.