Daily driving experience the remedy for EV “range anxiety”

“How far can I drive my electric car before it needs charging again?”

That’s a question – “range anxiety”, it’s being called - that inevitably exercises the minds of alternative-fuel drivers anywhere, once they leave behind the comfort factor of roadside fuel pumps.

After a good night’s charge Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV will cover up to 150 kilometres, or a hundred-plus  if you constantly have your foot down, climb lots of hills, keep the audio zinging and the lights blazing.

However, i-MiEV is unabashedly a city car, not a tourer, and the average Kiwi commutes just 32 kilometres. Experience for a while the daily relationship between charging capacity and actual driving distances, and concern tends to dissipate.

Overseas research confirms that. A UK study of 340 electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles found that range anxiety, initially a concern for all drivers, dropped to a third of drivers by the end of the three-month programme.

Mitsubishi Australia report similar experiences in the first of a series of informational 3-minute “FAQ” videos on i-MiEV, watch it below:

Range anxiety with the Mitsubishi i-MiEV