Mitsubishi heads key categories in Government fleet-vehicle review

When a typical car buyer starts to think about getting some new wheels, he or she might shortlist two or three brands and perhaps half a dozen models.

If you happen to be the Government, controlling the country’s biggest fleet, you scour the market from end to end, scrutinising over 500 vehicles and collating hard facts and proven data on safety, environmental impact, fitness for purpose, warranty and, crucially, total cost of ownership or TCO.

Doing the hard yards to make best use of taxpayer dollars is the cross-department “All of Government” (AoG) team of procurement experts. Their latest review is just out, and Mitsubishi models figure strongly.

The report says Mitsubishi is its first-choice vehicle in 13 significant categories, based on its lowest TCO (calculated over five years/100,000km).

Mitsubishi’s category leaders are:  Mirage LS, Lancer LS sedan, ASX LS 2WD & 4WD diesel, Outlander LS 2.4 and VR diesel, Pajero GLS, and Triton, which heads six utility clases.

 “The AoG’s review amounts to a solid endorsement of Mitsubishi’s vehicles”, says national fleet sales manager Tony Johnston. “Not only the quality and value of both passenger and commercial ranges, but also our industry-leading 10/5 Diamond Advantage warranty and the strength of the Mitsubishi dealer network.”