New-generation Outlander. Outstandingly Fuel Efficient.


One reason for Mitsubishi Outlander’s longstanding reputation as New Zealand’s favourite mid-size SUV has been its remarkable fuel economy. The all new 2013 range, due soon, promises frugality of a whole new order.

Take its new Smart-MIVEC* engines.

Mitsubishi says that the 2.4-litre installed in the three 4WD models (LS, XLS and VRX) consumes 19 percent less petrol than the engine it’s replacing. (Emissions are down 19 percent too).

While the engine designers have worked long and hard to help achieve this, they can’t take all the credit. Much more than this impacts on fuel economy.

Wind resistance is one example: Mitsubishi says that the new model’s windcheating design brings its drag coefficient down 7 percent. So less fuel’s needed to push it through the air.

Transmission is another: the Outlander’s well-regarded CVT transmission has been further refined  ( for better gear selection timing). This saves more litres.

Yet another example is a biggie. It’s an immutable law of auto design that less weight equals less fuel use and here the new models score big-time: the 6 percent more high-tensile steel used in building the body, along with new, lightweight alloy wheels and other design tweaks, plays a part in taking a full 100 kilograms out of the average Outlander’s weight when compared with the previous model.

No longer do you have to carry the weight of a beefy All Black in the back seat.

Owners of the new 2WD LS will share these fuel efficiency benefits too, plus 13 percent better fuel use from their 2-litre Smart-MIVEC engine.

We haven’t mentioned the new diesel yet.. Buyers of the VR and VRX models can now choose Mitsubishi’s latest 2.2-litre Clean Diesel: very smooth, and with exceptional low-down torque.

And while every Outlander strives to give you maximum fuel economy, every Outlander gives you a part to play too: select Eco Driving Mode and the engine automatically switches over to maximum fuel efficiency, minimum emissions. You’ll see the results instantly displayed on the instrument panel.

Watch for the new Outlander arriving soon in Mitsubishi showrooms from Kaitaia to Invercargill, ready to add outstanding motoring pleasure to the lives of thousands more Kiwi drivers. 

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* MIVEC: Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system

Specifications and features listed may vary between models