Century of Global Innovation

1917. We started our first car engine

The Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company LTD. had operated prior to 1917. But it was in that year its very first car was launched; the Mitsubishi Model-A. Designed as a luxury vehicle for officials of the Government, the Model-A sowed the seeds for the popular, global brand Mitsubishi Motors was to become by being the first car to be mass-produced in Japan.

Our years in the desert

In 1982, the legendary Pajero  four-wheel drive was launched. The ultimate test of its ability was the infamous Paris-Dakar rally. In 1983, Pajero won the triple crown in its first appearance at this punishing race. The wins continued and in 2007 Mitsubishi set a record for 7 victories back to back and their 12th championship.

The future of driving, here and now

With our focus firmly on innovation, we launched the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) in 2013. Never before had an SUV offered such remarkable efficiency. The fact that it also offered the everyday practicality of a family SUV saw it become the best-selling vehicle of its type in New Zealand.

A very long relationship with New Zealand

Mitsubishi vehicles have been an iconic Kiwi brand since the late 1960s. Our range was smaller back then and the motoring world was a simpler place – but that would change. It was a change we would help to bring about through our constant technical innovations and a keen eye for making the vehicles Kiwis want.

Our first big expansion came in 1970, when one of New Zealand’s leading and longest-established automotive businesses – Todd Motors Corporation - was awarded the franchise for Mitsubishi cars, trucks and buses.

The Todd Group of businesses has a long, distinguished record of service to New Zealanders, dating back to Otago’s wool industry in the 1890s. In the early 20th century, founder Charles Todd and his four sons could see where the fledgling automotive business was heading and opened a network of small repair garages.

A year after winning the Mitsubishi franchise, the Todd Group commissioned construction of a new assembly plant in Porirua. This plant was to become the now famous Todd Park and the first cars emerged in 1973.

Mitsubishi Motors then bought Todd Motors in 1987 and continued assembling cars at the Porirua plant. Although a government policy forced the closure of the assembly factory in 1998, we still continue to provide the range of vehicles that New Zealanders need, and love.

Today we have a 36-strong network of car dealers supported by a further 15 parts and service dealers. And we’re still based at Todd Park in Porirua.

During this time, our innovations have been many. We’ve pioneered traction systems that keep cars on the road and 4-wheel drives on track. Our fuel delivery systems keep our diesels incredibly efficient, from compact SUVs to heavy trucks.

Our latest innovation isn’t under the hood. It’s what makes owning a Mitsubishi so special. It’s our Diamond Advantage Warranty that covers you for up to 10 years.

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